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"What in the World?" #5

Published 1952 circa

All rights are reserved by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum). Any use of the footage in productions is forbidden unless rights have been secured by contacting the Penn Museum Archives at 215-898-8304, or email

This film and all of the films in the Penn Museum collection are copyrighted by the Penn Museum, and are not in the public domain.

Producer WCAU TV (CBS, Philadelphia)
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Film Print of CBS-broadcasted television program, filmed at WCAU TV Studios.
"What in the World was the Museum's popular weekly half-hour television program which was first seen in 1951 and which ran for 14 years." Froelich Rainey, moderator; Carleton Coon, Jacques Lipchitz, and Schuyler Cammann, panelists.

Wooden half man mask;(lower Yukon Valley) Alaska; used at ceremonial dances; collected in 1935 and said not to be much older than that; painted white with blue around the eyes (represent ghost)

Marble sculpture; found in Northern Palestine; Hellenistic Period;

Head piece made of reindeer antler and ivory of a mammoth; Siberia; mid 19th Century

Wooden object; taboo sign; New Caledonia (island of Australia); late 19th century

Goddess head; southern Iraq; 6th cent. BC; Neo-Babylonian Period

Representations of a head (Aztec god) made of volcanic rock; Mexico, 15th century AD;


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